Ribbon Paint

I’m very happy to share a new painting application I have created for OSX called RibbonPaint

The idea of it is to create a paint brush that could not exist in real life. In the way a ribbon moves, how a small hand motion is exaggerated as it moves out.

There are 7 parameters that can be modified ( using the params API ) :

BristleCount (how many bristles )
BrushRadius ( radius of the brush )
FilamentSpacing ( space between each brush filament – note it fans out toward the ends )
FilimentCount ( how many brush filaments )
FrictionMin ( how the brush moves )
FrictionMax ( how the brush moves )
Gravity ( applies constant downward force to the brush )

When you press the letter S, a file is saved to your user folder in a ‘RibbonPaint’ directory along with a txt file showing the parameters used to create that image.

More information/images can be found here

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