This weekend I created a way for many people to interact with a native application (and each other) via OSC.

Node.js+Socket.IO+OSC+Cinder+HTML from mario gonzalez on Vimeo.

What you’re seeing:
A native application I created running on OSX
User goes to a web-page via ordinary Safari browser on their iphone
User is interacting with the application
Multiple people interact with the application in real time, via browser on their mac/pc/iphone/android


6 thoughts on “Node.js+Socket.IO+OSC+Cinder+HTML”

  1. It’s funny, I was about to implement a similar thing using Node.js and Quartz Composer.

    Any wisdom you’d pass my way? I’m going to give it a shot next week.

    1. I’ve never used Quartz Composer, so you were going to use node to send messages to Quartz Composer?
      Can Quartz Composer receive messages? That’s pretty cool already.
      Can it receive OSC messages?

      Regarding tips, I’m going to be releasing ‘NoBarrierOSC’ on github sometime this week – but i would say:

      Watch this if you haven’t already, or are only vaugely familiar as I was with Node.js.
      (it’s long but if you don’t watch you’ll just be stabbing in the dark):
      (If node.js is old hat to you, i appologize 🙂 )
      Set up node following this:
      Setup the node http server (more or less) like this:

      Checkout for it’s base example app

    1. I’ve used it on a couple of projects, but always for playing around. Or for creating an installation that was controlled from mobile safari.
      I think i should update it and do a specific writeup on it, if there is interest in how to use it

  2. Hi,

    Your work is really cool!
    I’m looking for this kind of app at this moment 🙂
    Actually I’m trying to write one myself, but all the osc libraries I can find are out of date, and no longer compatible with the latest versions of node.js, there are always some bugs I have to fix 🙁

    Do you have something up to date?

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