Better Eclipse Icon

Eclipse is awesome
Update: Eclipse sucks, use IntelliJ IDEA

However you have to set it up right. I recommend downloading and using only the stripped platform binary ( it should be about ~49M – if it’s much larger then double check you’re downloading the ‘platform runtime binary.’

But let’s face it. The icon sucks

So after looking around I found this.
However as it is, it is a little unusable so i opened up photoshop and modified it a bit to work better at small sizes and decrease the visible hard edges.

Finally i’ve made the .icns file which contains all the appropriate sizes with mask.

Here is the final result

Here’s the icns file for OSX
(if you’re on a PC – post a request and if anyone someone is interested i’ll try to make a .ico file)

To Install

Browse to the Eclipse directory inside your Applicaitons directory. Right click it and select, ‘show package contents’, Go into Contents > Resources and paste the extracted Eclipse.icns file. Restart eclipse.

After that

After that make sure you set the memory and a few other launch arguments correctly, i’m using these:


Again, The real thanks goes to ‘*domox’ for the original imagery, i just modified it a tad to my liking and made the icons.

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