Thoughts on Intelli-J IDEA

Wow. This is the single best code-editor I have EVER used in my life.

  • It is fast.
  • More importantly, It FEELS fast.
  • It gets syntax coloring correct (Can there ever be TOO much syntax-coloring? No. There can be too many colors used, but there cannot be too much syntax-coloring).
  • It has a debugger.
  • It has a very low memory footprint.
  • I can use it for my AS3 / Javascript / PHP / Python / Pearl / Java (I still prefer xcode for c/c++/obj-c)
  • It’s one of the few javascript editors that is not a glorified text editor. In other words it is aware of my properties and their methods!
  • Ctrl+J to quick-view Javadoc for selected method.
  • Ctrl+i to quick-view method implementation.
  • I can export ALL my settings with 3 clicks, and import them into my laptop!
  • It has so many options and things to play with – it recreates that – ooo look what you can do if you press this, feel that makes learning a new IDE fun.

It’s really awesome, and i’ve copied my xcode color settings that Apple probably spent millions of dollars tweaking and now im in coding heaven.

Most importantly, in terms of relative to editor IDE’s it’s “dirt cheap”. FDT is like 500 bucks? WITHOUT debugger? FlashBuilder is like 600 bucks, and it just plain sucks (Everything looks like default text, what are you providing me again? Oh right i forget, annoyance *cough* html-template errors *cough* compiling project keeps producing swf with old code *cough* )

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