Cinder + threaded OpenNI Skeletontracking

Here is some stuff I’ve put together that does Skeletontracking via OpenNI on a separate thread in cinder.
This is based on some code that was posted by Sector9 on the cinder forums, and which is based on the example code that comes with the Nite module.

For some reason my skeleton is offset by some seemingly random number. I’m not sure what’s causing that if someone could take a look

In order to get this to work, you’ll need to get OpenNI working on it’s own first.
I recommend following these steps,

2 thoughts on “Cinder + threaded OpenNI Skeletontracking”

  1. Hey whats up i really try to get the exact same thing working…but whatever i do its all f*’*: up…the source code u posted is offline now…just wanted to ask u if you could possibly reupload your solution…it would be a great help

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