RealtimeMultiplayerNodeJS is a framework specifically for building HTML5 multiplayer games with the Client / Server model. In this model, connected users send only input and the game itself runs on the server.
Clients are interpolate between two known world snapshots based on the current synchronized time.

How to use

  1. Download this repo
  2. In the terminal type “node js/DemoHelloWorld/server.js”
  3. Browse to “/DemoHelloWorld.html”


RealtimeMultiplayerNodeJS comes with 3 demos


The most basic interesting working demo I could come up with. Objects move from left to right


A demonstration of the engine’s simple CircleCollision engine, which can provide you with simple collision information and fires an event when two objects collide with the two objects.
This demo also shows one implementation of having a special kind of entity which is controlled by the keyboard from a connected user. A character controlled entity


This demo uses a Box2D.js implementation to create a world, and show’s off the idea of synchronized physics, and taking advantage that all the simulation happens on the server.
It also shows synchronized interaction between multiple users, and an example of sending a message to the server which it interprets back into the game

3 thoughts on “RealtimeMultiplayerNodeJS”

  1. this is an excellent demo! I was going through the source and I can’t seem to find where you are setting the server constants. I was expecting to find a file like RealtimeMultiuserGameConstants.js


    where are you setting all the server constants?

  2. It seems the design of putting the physical logic on server side does not fit me.

    I use some other tools to generate custom physical shape on my client side, submitting the shape data from the client requires the server side implementing the same physical logic again, which is quite a job.

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