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About a year ago, I created a template to use the Cinder framework within Eclipse. I still use it all the time, as I still find Eclipse a better C++ editor (although xcode is slowly catching up if you use the compile and use the latest LLVM). I recently decided to revisit it and update it to better fit the workflow I prefer, and fix issues I’ve over time found work arounds for.

With that I decided that it was time to give some new instructions so here they are. I’ll revisit this post with more details, but if pictures are a 1000 words this is a pretty big post.

  • Click on workbench
  • Should look like this now
  • Right click white space in project area
    • Select import
  • Select “General”, then select “Existing Projects Into Workspace”

  • Browse to the project. Should look like this now

This part is tricky, but extremely important. 
We must create a symbolic link that points to your specific Cinder path on your computer so we can reference it

  1. In terminal browse to directory where you downloaded the project
  2. enter: “ln -s abc123 CINDER_PATH_LINK”
    • Where abc123 is the absolute path where you placed cinder
  3. enter: “Open .”
    • This will open Finder from current location
    • Notice CINDER_PATH_LINK has the ‘shortcut’ icon, and is inside the project directory
  • Right click the project and refresh
    • Run a ‘clean’ operation
    • The project should now build

This is actually the most important step:

  1. Make beautiful things

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