Excellent open-course, from NAND to Tetris

Came across this while I was reading an entry on #ALTDEVBLOGADAY. The entry was part 2 of 9, C / C++ Low Level Curriculum part 2 which is interesting in it’s own right.

There was a link to this interesting MIT open course called:
From NAND to Tetris, which discussing building an entire computer from first principals. The idea is to work backward, instead of starting at high-level abstraction beginning at the lowest interesting level in computer science (logic gates)

Although not required, it’s meant to be consumed with it’s own accompanying book, which i’ve already ordered and should get here by Tuesday – i’m very excited to start reading it and going through the course.

The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles

List of programmer shiny things

This is from Andrew Bell’s talk at the EyeO festival. I’m taking it out of context, and in fact he was talking about focusing in on your craft, not being distracted, and finishing projects that you start. “Which of these will you avoid this year, in order to finish your projects?”

I think it’s also a good list of interesting technologies to jump into… blasphemy i know.

The talk is awesome and worth watching in full: