Create iOS / Android icons from master icon

This is just a simple script that will create your iOS icons from a masterfile.
I’m using it on a Unity project (Even though Unity will make the icons for you, the way it resizes the images leaves them appearing jaggy).

It works best with a 1024×768 icon as the source

# Author: Mario Gonzalez
# Modified for iOS7 from:
# App Icon - iPhone iOS7+
sips --resampleWidth 60 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon60.png"
sips --resampleWidth 120 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon120.png"
# App Icon - iPhone <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 57 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon57.png"
sips --resampleWidth 114 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon114.png"
# App Icon - iPad iOS7+
sips --resampleWidth 76 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon76.png"
sips --resampleWidth 152 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon152.png"
# App Icon - iPad <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 72 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon72.png"
sips --resampleWidth 144 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon144.png"
# Spotlight iOS7+
sips --resampleWidth 40 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon40.png"
sips --resampleWidth 80 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon80.png"
# Spotlight - Ipad <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 50 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon50.png"
sips --resampleWidth 100 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon100.png"
# Spotlight - iPhone <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 29 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon29.png"
sips --resampleWidth 58 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon58.png"
# iTunesArtwork
sips --resampleWidth 512 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/iTunesArtwork"
sips --resampleWidth 1024 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/iTunesArtwork@2x"

sips --resampleWidth 96 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon96.png"
sips --resampleWidth 48 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon48.png"
sips --resampleWidth 36 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon36.png"

Use it as such:

$ ./  iconmaster.png

Note you made need to run chmod +x on it before it will be recognized as executable

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