Gravity Swarm for ipad

GravitySwarm is an application I’m creating for the ipad.

It’s a gravity swarm simulation, you create gravitational forces with your fingers and watch how the swarm interacts.
The swarm moves via low-octave perlin noise combined with proximity attraction.

I created it using Cinder which I’ve been using a lot lately and its really tons of fun.

Gravity Swarm from mario gonzalez on Vimeo.

Hello world!

My name is Mario Gonzalez
I am a programmer in New York City.

I’m currently a Senior Application Developer at Ogilvy & Mather NYC.

I love making things.
Especially making visual things.
Even more especially making visual interactive things.

I have created applications on or in:
Web (Actionscript 3.0 / Php-Mysql / html-css-javascript)
iPhone (Objective-C / C++ / OpenGL-ES)
OSX (C++ / OpenGL)