Placing an AppKit controls over a NSOpenGLView / CinderView

Currently working on an OSX application that requires UI controls to live above a CinderView (Which is a type of NSOpenGLView).

Obviously first I tried to simply place the objects above one another in InterfaceBuilder, but that had no effect. The NSOpenGLView always draws above all other content.

Next I tried some information someone suggested, with switching to layer-backed views.
That crashed my application on startup.

Instead what I found that worked, was to create a separate NSWindow, and style it to be transparent and place it inside of your NSWindow that contains the CinderView / NSOpenGLView.

Create a window to house your AppKit UI controls, and place your NSView inside

    // Transparent UI window
    CGRect wRect = self.window.frame;
    NSView *contentView = self.window.contentView;
    CGRect cRect = contentView.frame;
    CGRect rect = CGRectMake(wRect.origin.x, wRect.origin.y, cRect.size.width, cRect.size.height);
    self.overlayWindow = [[NSWindow alloc]initWithContentRect:rect
    self.overlayWindow.backgroundColor = [NSColor clearColor];
    [self.overlayWindow setOpaque:NO];
  // Add it to the window which contains our NSOpenGLView
    [self.window addChildWindow:self.overlayWindow ordered:NSWindowAbove];
    // Place UI in overlay window
    self.settingsController = [[SettingsViewController alloc] init];
    [self.overlayWindow.contentView addSubview:self.settingsController.view];

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