Open two instances of Unity at once

Sometimes you have a project that you’re using as reference, maybe you added some functionality in a previous project or you downloaded a sample project and you are trying to recreate that thing in your new project. It would be great if you could have them both open side by side so you can compare them right?

Unfortunately if you try to open Unity by clicking the icon, it will just bring your current instance into focus, so what can be done?

Here’s a simple trick that allows you to have two instances of Unity open at once, open the second instance from the command line and point it to a project.

$ /Applications/Unity/ -projectPath ~/projects/coolgame

Note: You cannot open the same project twice, so if you have to do that create a temporary copy of the project.

Create iOS / Android icons from master icon

This is just a simple script that will create your iOS icons from a masterfile.
I’m using it on a Unity project (Even though Unity will make the icons for you, the way it resizes the images leaves them appearing jaggy).

It works best with a 1024×768 icon as the source

# Author: Mario Gonzalez
# Modified for iOS7 from:
# App Icon - iPhone iOS7+
sips --resampleWidth 60 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon60.png"
sips --resampleWidth 120 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon120.png"
# App Icon - iPhone <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 57 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon57.png"
sips --resampleWidth 114 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon114.png"
# App Icon - iPad iOS7+
sips --resampleWidth 76 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon76.png"
sips --resampleWidth 152 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon152.png"
# App Icon - iPad <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 72 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon72.png"
sips --resampleWidth 144 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon144.png"
# Spotlight iOS7+
sips --resampleWidth 40 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon40.png"
sips --resampleWidth 80 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon80.png"
# Spotlight - Ipad <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 50 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon50.png"
sips --resampleWidth 100 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon100.png"
# Spotlight - iPhone <= iOS6
sips --resampleWidth 29 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon29.png"
sips --resampleWidth 58 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon58.png"
# iTunesArtwork
sips --resampleWidth 512 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/iTunesArtwork"
sips --resampleWidth 1024 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/iTunesArtwork@2x"

sips --resampleWidth 96 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon96.png"
sips --resampleWidth 48 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon48.png"
sips --resampleWidth 36 "${f}/${1}" --out "${f}/icon36.png"

Use it as such:

$ ./  iconmaster.png

Note you made need to run chmod +x on it before it will be recognized as executable