Eclipse Color Theme

I just stumbled on this plugin for eclipse that makes changing the color settings not painful, and it also comes with a bunch of nice preset themes. On the site for it, you can create a theme in realtime, right from the site changing things like ‘color value’/’bold’/ ‘italic’ then just export it.

Really nice welcome edition to eclipse, well done people who made it!


CAAT is short for Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit. It is written by @hyperandroid, the code itself is a dream to look thru. Its insanely well written, and whats more greater is that it’s even faster than it is nicely written!

I used it for, which I plan on writing about a little bit more in the future. Because I liked CAAT so much, and it saved my butt on that project, I wanted to contribute back to it, so I have added my simple CircleCollisionManager class back into it.

Base template

I wanted to create the most basic shell, in order to get it up and running with something displaying on the screen. So I have shared the source for the code below which i tried to keep as succinct as possible.

Most basic helloworld with CAAT

Here is the code for that:

I tried my best to make it have code that contains enough useful functions that show off a few CAAT features, without getting too far beyond HelloWorld.